Primary Cause

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Acrylic on 10x10in Canvas

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3 reviews for Primary Cause

  1. Rael

    I think this is beautiful. The colours that have blended are amazing with lovely cells.

  2. Cameron Rayne Higdon

    This is stunning and I LOVE it! I’m torn between trying to make my own- watching your videos (but haven’t tried pouring yet). As an artist who thinks “I should make it not buy it, and it would be more gratifying” lol, but knowing you have so much experience “there is no way I could do this anytime soon, so I should buy”…then I’m injured and out if work so I shouldn’t be spending right now. Ugh! I’m keeping this as a favorite in mind and pic on my phone for now. Keep pouring!!

  3. Shirley Hanley


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